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Popular Classic Safaris

Our popular safaris feature among others, Masai Mara,Tsavo, Amboseli, Lake Nakuru and Simba safaris. These safaris cover a period of between 8 and 24 days.

Kenya - Tanzania Combined Safaris

Kenya-Tanzania safaris are among the most exciting adventures the world over. The vast Kenya wildlife, the many sunny and sparkling white beaches, the different cultures and people groups all add up to a worthwhile investment and an African luxury safari not found in many places. Cheetahs love to use Safari Vehicles as a Vantage point to Scout for Potential Meals! The annual wildebeest migration takes place between July and October with the Mara River crossing being the highlight. This is an opportunity you cannot afford to miss!

Mountain Safaris

Our mountain safaris cover Mt. Kenya and Mt. Kilimanjaro. Mt. Kenya which forms part of the Central Highlands is Africa's second highest mountain and highest mountain in Kenya at 5199 metres. Part of the mountain’s attraction is the variation of flora and fauna found at different altitudes. Its gleaming and snow covered peaks can be seen for miles around and its lower slopes are intensively cultivated by the Kikuyu, Embu and Meru tribes. Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, at 5895m. Mt. Kilimanjaro is located at the north/eastern tip of Tanzania. For the adventurous, a climb of Mount Kilimanjaro is a must taking you through the mists of equatorial jungle to reach the snows and breath-taking views from the summit.

Community Safaris

More than just the conventional safaris! In collaboration with the internationally renowned Green Belt Movement, we at Buena Vista Tours & Safaris are happy to introduce our new and exciting eco-friendly and culturally rich product dubbed Community Safaris.

Come venture out to understand and appreciate the rich history and culture of the Kenyan people. Community Safaris are aimed at promoting cultural awareness and involvement in a fun, educational and inspirational way for all participants.

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