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Selous Game Reserve

The park supports enormous numbers of wild animals: 200,000 buffalo, 30,000 elephant and 80,000 wildebeest, as well as one of the healthiest populations of the endangered African Wild Dog. A successful project is underway to nurture the Reserve’s population of black rhino back to health following their depletion by poachers in the 1970s and 80s, and sightings are now possible in the tourist area.

Selous is still an uninhabited, untamed slice of ‘Old Africa’. In 1982, the Reserve’s unique ecosystem was recognised internationally and the area designated as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.

Game Drives in the Selous Game Reserve is earmarked for photographic tourism, and it is one of the most beautiful and game-rich areas in the whole ecosystem. Walking and boat safaris, as well as traditional game drives, are on offer. Fly camping, or mobile walking safaris, are becoming a popular option for intrepid visitors intent on seeing the best of Africa on foot, unhampered by the closed-in atmosphere of a safari van. Boat trips and longer safaris down the spectacular Rufiji River offer visitors a chance to see hippos, bird life and crocodiles up close.

Although the Selous is best known for its spectacular large mammals, it is equally celebrated for its abundant and varied birds. The most conspicuous bird life is to found around the constantly changing pattern of sandbanks, oxbow lakes, lagoons and channels along the Rufiji River. The river scenery is made all the more spectacular by the groves of Borassus palms, an indigenous species with tall fronds that sway majestically in the African breeze.

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