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Tanzania Parks and Game Reserves

Tanzania's finest national parks include Serengeti National Park, which has the greatest concentration of Tanzania's finest national parks include Serengeti National Park, which has the greatest concentration of migratory game animals in the world and Lake Manyara National Park, famous for its sprawling lions. Others include Selous National Park, Arusha and Tarangire National Parks. Other attractions are the Ngorongoro Conservation and Mount Kilimanjaro.

The Ngorongoro Conservation

Often called an African Eden and the eighth wonder of the natural world, Ngorongoro Conservation has the finest blend of landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeological sites in Africa.

Mt. Kilimanjaro

The great mountain of Kilimanjaro is a metaphor for the compelling beauty of East Africa. Rising in absolute isolation at 5,895 m (19,336 ft), Kilimanjaro is one of the highest walk-able summits on the planet and a beacon for visitors from around the world. Kilimanjaro’s great peaks of Kibo and Mawenzi are covered all year round with snow and ice.

Serengeti National Park

Each year more than six million hooves pound the legendary Serengeti’s endless plains. Triggered by the seasonal rains, more than a million wildebeest, 200,000 zebra and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle gather to undertake their long trek to new grazing lands. The wildebeest rutting season is a frenzied three week long bout of territorial conquests and mating, followed by survival of the fittest as the 40 km long columns plunge through crocodile infested waters on the annual exodus north. Replenishing the species is the brief population explosion that produces more than 8,000 calves a day before the 1,000 km pilgrimage begins again.

Selous Game Reserve

At around 50,000 sq km, the Selous is Africa’s largest game reserve, a wilderness area bigger than Denmark or Switzerland. The Reserve covers more than 5% of Tanzania’s total land area, and is three times larger than the Serengeti. Although slightly off the beaten track of the more well-worn safari circuits, a visit to the Selous offers unforgettable game viewing in almost completely isolated surroundings.

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