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Masai Mara Game Reserve

Dubbed one of the 7 new wonders of the world, the annual Migration is a natural cycle that replenishes and renews the grasslands of East Africa. Each June, around 1.3 million Wildebeest gather in the Serengeti to calve. They slowly mass into a huge single herd, until the dry season withers their supply of fresh grass. The scent of rain to the North begins to draw the herd throughout July, and soon the world’s greatest animal migration is underway.

Amboseli National Park

Dubbed Kilimanjaro's Royal Court, Amboseli is famous for its big game and its great scenic beauty whose landscape is dominated by Mt. Kilimanjaro. The park is located on the Kenya-Tanzania border and covers 392km2.

Aberdare National Park

Dubbed the Majestic Peaks, Moorlands, Falls, the Aberdare is an  isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley, running roughly 100km north south between Nairobi and Thomsons Falls. Its main peaks are Ol Donyo Lesatima (3,999m) and Kinangop (3,906m) separated by a long saddle of alpine moorland at over 3,000m. The Aberdares are an important water catchment area providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers.

Kakamega Forest National Reserve

Kakamega Forest National Reserve is located in Western Kenya.  It was established to protect the only mid altitude tropical rainforest in Kenya. The forest contains many species found nowhere else in the country. The forest is also an important water catchment area with the lsiukhu and Yala Rivers flowing through it.

Nakuru National Park

Dubbed the Bird Watchers' Paradise, the park is located in Central Kenya, 140km north-west of Nairobi, in Nakuru District of the Rift Valley Province and covers an area of 188 km2. It is set in a picturesque landscape of surrounding woodland and grassland area. Lake Nakuru is home to flamingos and is bounded by Menengai crater to the north, the Bahati hills to the north east, the lion hill ranges to the east, eburu crater to the south and the mau escarpment to the west.

Mount Kenya National Park

Mt. Kenya is an imposing extinct volcano dominating the landscape of the Kenyan Highlands, East of the Rift Valley. The mountain has two main peaks - Batian (5200m) and Nelion (5188m) and is an important water catchment area, supplying the Tana and Northern Ewaso Ngiro systems. The park includes a variety of habitats ranging from higher forest, bamboo, alpine moorlands, glaciers, tarns and glacial moraines.

Tsavo West National Park

This is the land of lava, man-eaters and springs. The park covers approximately 30% of Kenya's area under parks. It contains a diversity of habitats, wildlife and a mountainous scenic landscape.
The park is a vast expanse of savanna stretching from Mtito Andei, along the Mombasa-Nairobi road to the Tanzanian border. Tsavo West has a more varied topography and a more diverse array of habitats than its neighbour Tsavo East National Park. It harbours Savannah bush, semi desert scrub, acacia woodlands, rocky ridges, isolated hills, palm thickets and mountain forest on the Chyulu hills.

Tsavo East National Park

Dubbed, the Theater of the Wild, this is the largest Park in Kenya. In May 1948, Tsavo National Park was divided into East and West for administrative purposes.

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